Case Study

Redesigned automobile website for success

The SAABsite is an automobile parts e-commerce website. They specialise in SAAB auto parts however also have web properties catering to other automobile makers and provides tutorials on part replacement.


Strategy, User Research, Service Design, Technology Strategy

User Interface Design, Prototyping

Concept Validation Testing, Usability Testing

"We create customized user experiences and user interface (UX / UI) for any digital product or project"

Business Goals

The SAAB original deals in a car dealership and selling automobile parts but the problem they were tied down with, was the limitations of the options on their website and inability to customize their experience and differentiate themselves from any other competitor.

Research and Planning

Before pitching them any solution for redesigning and creating a buying experience online, we did our analysis and research through user personas, latest design trends, competitor analysis, and using all then insights from research to create a new customer experience.

Bringing at all together

We pitched a custom solution for them to bring their unique value proposition and to really sell through their website. This started with a complete redesigning and repositioning project to create a brand and core messaging that would not only communicate their uniqueness, but also resonate with their target audience.


Demo Reel