Case Study

40% increase in sales

Lead management system is a product of one of our client who is India’s leading health insurance company to increase their business by capturing leads, tracking their activities and behaviour, qualifying them, giving them constant attention to make them sales-ready, and then passing them on to the sales team.


Strategy, User Research, Service Design, Technology Strategy User Interface Design, Prototyping Concept Validation Testing, Usability Testing

"We create customized user experiences and user interface (UX / UI) for any digital product or project"

Business Goals

Our client wanted us to work on their portal to create a non hassle and clean platform design with a responsive approach. Initially they were facing problems such as multiple platforms and tabs for single information, Lots of Manual work, Important tabs were not highlighted and needed a transparency amongst the different level of hierarchy.

Reasearch & Analysis

Our client needed a complete aesthetic and user experience through improved Lead management system platform and provide a smooth website experience to their agents. Based on their problems we developed a heuristic design for their website to achieve their LMS redesign goals. We Built their LMS system in such a way that in future, Artificial Intelligence can work seamlessly with it.

Style Concepts

We worked hard to choose colours and typography to encourage more navigation. Lead Management system carries the status informations and database of users. So we used different colours to segregate and manage the statuses to quickly navigate through the colour coding. We worked with the client to create an interface that was bright, simple, and user-friendly.

Bringing it all together

Based on all this analysis we created a roadmap for the new LMS and reviewed it with the client. Once road map was approved we went back and designed the system and got it reviewed before implementation. Post implementation we verified with the client the new LMS system. Our collaborative process allows maximizing results as it involves our client all through to the delivery of the results.