Case Study

Properties worth 800 million managed

Property Share is a platform that allows multiple buyers to come together and purchase fractional ownership stakes in a residential property. It is an investment platform allows you to invest directly in real estate with other investors.


Strategy, User Research, Service Design, Technology Strategy

User Interface Design, Prototyping

Concept Validation Testing, Usability Testing

"We create customized user experiences and user interface (UX / UI) for any digital product or project"

Business Goals

Property Share wanted us to redesign their website portal for their buyers, sellers and agents where they can see the complete details about properties or real estates.

Research & Analysis

Our focus is always to bring the most seamless experience possible with our detailed research on customer experience. In order to provide great customer experience, we followed our methodology and interviewed our client and potential users to understand how they approach the problem to create a smooth, non-clutter look and feel.

Bringing it all together

The Property Share website is attractive and intuitive. Then new design inherits many of the improvements made by property share in last few years. Intuitive navigation streamlines the flow for both audiences, guiding a user journey through successful projects, company history, and testimonials from satisfied customers.


Demo Reel