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Why user experience(UX) is important


With the number of start-ups and businesses, the term of user and customer experience become very popular these days and they play a very important role in UX design.


What is User Experience? 

User Experience refers to a person’s attitude and emotions towards using a specific product and service. It includes a person’s perspective about system aspect like ease of use and efficiency.

User Experience importance - Mantra Design


What makes a good UX design:

Consistency in design is a constant factor in delivering the best User Experience (UX). Every brand needs to leave a positive impression in the mind of the target audience. One way to do it is through consistency in design, whether it is your website, mobile app or any other platform that you need to promote your brand.

It is impossible to grab the user’s attention with inconsistent, complicated and uninspiring UX designs. The approach behind a design should be streamlined. You need to focus on creating clean designs that are free of any clutter. If you plan to build a strong connection with your target market, make sure you keep the aforementioned things in mind.

What makes a UX design consistent?


User Experience importance - Mantra Design

Flashy designs cluttered with a lot of content and excessive features will only irate the visitors. You won’t leave a positive impression and your visitors will part ways with your business in no time. There are multiple elements that can add consistency in your designs. Let’s take a look at some of them in the following :

  • Design: Whether it is a website or mobile app, use soothing colors that are easy on the eye. Create uncomplicated interfaces and keep designs simple at all times.
  • Unique Content: Include original and engaging content. Content consists of articles, blog posts, and press releases..
  • The element of Interaction: Keeping an intuitive and interactive design will allow you to create a strong connection with the target audience.
  • Additional features and elements: Create navigation bars, include features in your sidebars, footers and more to make the best of designing space.

These are some of the essentials that can help you get on the path to creating consistent designs. With excellent UX you can increase the chances of converting leads in sales. Keep working on it and elevate the level of customer engagements through your website or apps.