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User Experience(UX) vs Customer Experience(CX)

Most of the time people get confused with these customer experience(CX) and user experience(UX). They might sound similar because users are the customers of course, but they are different from each other. Let’s understand the difference between these two domains.


What is User Experience(UX) ?

UX is the experience while interacting with the product mainly digital product like website, apps, etc. It is measured though the ability to easily completing a desired task or access information or number of received queries about that product.

User Experience(UX) VS Customer Experience(CX) - Mantra Design

What is Customer Experience (CX) ?

CX where as is a little broader concept. It includes an end to end experience from getting introduced with a brand to buying, using, repair or any service associated with it. It is measured with the experience  with any representative of the company which could be from a customer specific app to salesperson, store/outlet, customer service guy to any one who is directly or indirectly related to the brand.

Customer Experience(CX) Journey - Mantra Design

What is the difference between them?

Ux is a subset of CX . Ux includes Usability, interaction design, Visual design, Content strategy and User research whereas CX includes Brand representative,Product delivery, Customer service, Advertising, Sales process and User experience.

User Experience (UX) vs Customer Experience(CX) - Mantra Design


Let’s understand this with these two scenarios 

Scenario 1:

Good User Experience bad Customer Experience

A person has heard a lot about the brand ABC and its fashionable clothes and decided to buy some clothes for herself hence she downloaded the app and browse it’s collections.

She effortlessly viewed some clothes, added into her cart and finished her payment.

She then started to wait for the delivery for her purchased clothes which then got delivered.However she relished that the products which she received where not of good quality as shown in the app while buying.She tried calling customer service but got no respond from them.

Here in this case her user experience with the app went great but her customer experience with the customer service domain went bad which in result led to a bad customer experience of the brand


Scenario 2:

Good Customer Experience bad User Experience

Sneha has always been using cosmetic products from xyz brand from its retail outlet from the other end of the town. Although the outlet was far but she liked the product and was loyal to the brand. consistently She heard about XYZ online portal from one of her friend and got very excited to use and purchase from online portal. Hence She google searched the name and landed on the website but the website content and products were displayed in a messy way. She could not find a search button to search her desired product. She could even find contact details so that she can get some help. After 15 minutes of her bad experience with this website, she even got pissed with the brand which she was using from a long time. So,here in this case her user experience with the online product got bad which in result hampered her image of the brand which she was using for a longer time. In short a bad UX can also impact the CX of the brand.


 Customer Experience(CX) encompasses all the experience a user has with the brand where as UX is  all the experience a user will have with the product .

UX is an important element of CX and Both of them are interrelated and cannot succeed without each other. Failure of any of the domains will lead to a bad result to the brand.

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